Artistically abstract examination of patterns and fields

My artistic examination of the topic Patterns and fields led to an increased perception of patterns in everyday life. Wherever the eye looks, it discovers patterns. Whether at home, outdoors, in the city or in the fashion world, the variety of patterns can be discovered everywhere. I was fascinated by the harmony of the repetitive and varying surfaces, in places despite an apparently chaotic arrangement. I was also enthusiastic about the exciting moment when new shapes and fields emerge as soon as patterns are shifted or placed on top of one another at a different angle. Patterns can expand, deepen, and take organic forms.

It was my intention to use experimental methods to find patterns that combine chaos and order. For the implementation I used screen printing, painting and drawing.

My way of working was very intuitive. I was surprised and guided by the material. I picked up randomly created forms in order to let the work emerge and grow from them. Screen printing served me as a source of inspiration, which I used for my paintings. Part of my work is also a combination of screen printing and painting. Found objects such as fabric or bubble wrap served me as a material for implementing patterns that either emerged spontaneously or were deliberately modeled on nature. I was mainly interested in honeycomb shapes and ramified structures such as those found in leaves, veins, cell tissue or other organic forms.