Artistically abstract examination of forms and structures

My series Crystalline Forms and Structures”  shows different approaches to the artistic theme.

One of my focuses was on color and composition in the representation of crystalline forms. By arranging colored surfaces and overlapping surfaces in transparent layers, the dynamism of futurism should be transported and at the same time, as is the case in rayonism, the representation of the fourth dimension, light, should be expressed.

I used various painting materials and surfaces as working material. Among other things, velour paper and chalk. Velour paper is a special velvet paper that has a plush-like surface on which the chalk particles can stick. The color intensity of the chalk comes into its own much better than on smooth paper.

Another approach was the use of acrylic paint applied to stretched fabric. For me, the interplay of colors as well as the arrangement of surfaces and shapes was important to me. It was important to me that the colors enhance each other in their effect and draw the viewer into the picture.

In a further examination, I arranged colored areas in such a way that they evoke crystalline associations and confuse the viewer with their lines. I used masking tape for this purpose, with which I could separate the different surfaces in a straight line from one another. Playing with transparency fascinated me very much. On the one hand because of the spatiality created by it, on the other hand because a third surface is created as soon as two surfaces intersect and the upper of the two is applied transparently. This enabled me to create complex compositions and add dynamism to the picture.

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